Exploration of Tutankhamun's Tomb by Howard Carter

Jan 21, 2020 Class Work, Foundation Subjects

Class 9 have imagined they are Howard Carter (the man who discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun in 1922) We set up our own tomb filled with "wonderful things" and the children had to burrow their way in. We used drama techniques to explore how Howard would have felt as he waited outside to go into the tomb and then as he entered. We shall be using these experiences to write a recount for a magazine of his discovery working in role as Howard Carter. The children really enjoyed the experience and were able to show real empathy with how Howard Carter must have felt as he became the first person to enter the tomb in over 3000 years.

This is what they said!

Alwira: "I enjoyed looking at the artefacts and it brought it to life."

Alex: "It was a bit of a different experience."

Lewis: "It was like going back in time!"

Safina: "Oh my days! I thought it was incredible, it felt like I was in the tomb!"

Kara: "Wow!"

Jayren: "Thank you. I really enjoyed it!"

Thank you Jayren - lovely manners as always! 

All the children agreed that it really helped them to understand what Howard Carter would have thought and felt.

We have some great photos - look how excited Ellie was to be in the tomb!

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