Fantastic Fish 13th December

Dec 13, 2019 Fantastic Fish


F2 - Rteel & NylaΒ 

Year 1 - Mansa & Zara

Year 2 - Charlie & Jessica

Year 3 - Adam & Sayad

Year 4 - Alieu & Alejandru

Year 5 - Adrianna & AlwiraΒ 

Year 6 - Aisha & Bella

Lunchtime - Spencer Β Y2

Attendance Award - Class 7

Sophija in Y2 won the Attendance Challenge and received a Kindle as her prize.

Winning House - Yellow 🏠 

πŸ’œProud to be Purple - Layne, Charlie, Linards, David, Melos, Alejandru, Harry, Aisha, Samantha, Scarlett, Sammar, Sergiu, Alieu, Reanna, Jasmine, Evie, Jessica, Urouge, Noah, Isobelle, Haleema, EmmI-Mae, Jia & Gull-e-adn.πŸ’œ


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