Salvation Army Visit!

Jan 28, 2020 Class Work, Foundation Subjects, News

Class 9 went to the Salvation Army today. We had a brilliant day! The children visited different workshops so they could see the amazing work that the Army does. They help in countries all around the world when there is a disaster, or, closer to home, the Salvation Army tries to help homeless people regain a sense of respect and a way back into what we would regard as normal life. We also learned about the importance of music in celebrating God and the different things that the congregation do when worshiping.  We listened to a parable from the Bible about the Good Samaritan and talked about the fact that everyone in this world, even if we don't know them, is our neighbor. Class 9 really grasped the idea that it is our responsibility to look after one another and take care of each other in times of need and that differences should be celebrated and embraced, not feared. I think Reegan summed up our day when he was asked what he had learned. He said the following:

"I have learned that the Salvation Army is an amazing community that tries to do good to help people all over the world and that we are all neighbors, no matter where we live, or who we are, that should try to help one another."

Wow! If only we could all follow these amazing values the world would be a happier place! Make it happen kids, you are the citizens of tomorrow!

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