Life in the Stone Age

8 months ago By Whole Class in Class 5

Life in the Stone Age
Class 5 have been learning so much about life in prehistoric Britain, particularly focusing on the Stone Age - what a fascinating time in history! We will also be looking at the Bronze Age and Iron Age and what life was like for the people living during these eras. The children have been asking some brilliant questions and finding out the answers both in topic and also through our guided reading sessions. We love to see children using their own initiative to read our many books on the topic, and also to find out more using computers and other resources. One brilliant website is with lots of information and videos on prehistoric Britain - check it out! In literacy we have finished writing our own 'Stone Age Boy' stories (which were so good we have created a class book out of them) and will soon be moving in to writing some instructions using the text "How to wash a woolly mammoth". Well done for a great start to the year Class 5 - keep up the super work! Mrs Austwick and Mrs Mathers 😊

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