Phonics and Reading Schemes Key Stage One

In order to teach all our pupils to become fluent, confident readers, who have a love of reading, we follow a phonics first policy. All pupils within the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 receive phonics teaching in line with the DFES document ‘Letters and Sounds’. From Reception onwards, pupils receive a twenty minute daily phonics lesson, targeted at their current level of attainment, and are encouraged to apply this learning in their reading and writing. Pupils continue to receive daily phonics teaching until they are confident with using and applying the skills taught within phase five of the ‘Letters and Sounds’ document. Pupils within Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 are taught in groups according to current attainment. Discrete phonics teaching continues into Key Stage 2, and for as long as necessary, for pupils who require extra support and learning time to focus on securing their phonics knowledge. We work within all Key Stages to ensure that all pupils who would benefit from extra phonics teaching receive it. Any pupil who has not reached the expected phonics level by the end of Year 1, as assessed by the national screening check, receives additional phonics intervention within Year 2, so that they can catch up with their peers. Pupils at Lakeside Primary School benefit from a high level of phonics knowledge by all staff, the consistent use of language throughout the school and the high emphasis that phonics receives in all reading and writing activities.

Phonics teaching continues in Key Stage 2 for identified children as appropriate.

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