Uniform Information

Uniform order sheet


School Dress


· Black/Grey trousers (shorts in summer)

· White/light blue/navy polo shirt

· Navy blue sweatshirt/jumper

· Black, brown or navy shoes


· Black/grey skirt, pinafore, trousers

· Navy blue sweatshirt/cardigan

· Summer – blue checked dress

· Black, brown or navy shoes

 Foundation Stage:

 Sweatshirt and jogger bottoms are available to order via the school office


 Indoor Boys:

· Blue/black shorts

· White or navy T-shirt or pants & vest

· Bare feet indoors

Indoor Girls

· Blue/black shorts

· White or navy T-shirt or leotard or pants and vest

· Bare feet indoors

Outdoor PE

As above plus socks and trainers. In winter track suits or joggers may be worn



· Swimming costume – no bikinis


· Swimming trunks – no swimming shorts

· Swimming goggles may be worn


Note: No jewellery or earrings may be worn for PE


It is important that children come to school smartly dressed in line with our dress code as this reflects pride in belonging to our school. ‘Extreme’ or shaved hair styles, jewellery and makeup are not appropriate in school. No jewellery other than stud earrings may be worn at school in the interests of Health & Safety.


Thank you for marking all school clothing clearly.

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