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Welcome to the Lakeside Primary School website. Ours is a happy, caring school where individuals are valued, respected and encouraged to aim high and enjoy their learning.

Our children learn that “Attitude = Altitude” as they develop into confident and successful individuals.

Our website allows us to share snap shots of the memorable, exciting and enjoyable curriculum that helps children develop their interests and talents to become lifelong learners with the skills, abilities and confidence to lead fulfilling lives.

We hope you enjoy exploring this site to find out more about the pupils, staff and the school.

Mrs J. Witton

Fantastic Fish 20th November 2015


F2H – Evie.   F2V – Ava

Class 1 – Declan.   Class 2 – Lucas

Class 3 – Sulaiman.   Class 4 – Aisha

Class 5 – Roxy.   Class 6 – Jason.   Class 7 – Eshal

Class 8 – Ava, Ruby.   Class 9 – Eshal

Class 10 – Zaara.   Class 11 – Bethany

Lunchtime – Connor Y2

Winning house – blue


Children in Need Donation

C in N


Thank you for supporting our Children in Need fundraiser last Friday. We raised £329 which we will add to our Harvest proceeds to make a total of £408 for the charity. Well done!

Pudsey’s Fantastic Fish 13th Nov 2015



F2H – Jessica    F2V Nida

Class 1 – Tamzin    Class 2 – Sandy

Class 3 – Leo    Class 4 – Muqadus

Class 5 – Holly    Class 6 – Logan    Class 7 – Sal

Class 8 – Bradley    Class 9 – Blake

Class 10 – Kian    Class 11 – Angelina

Lunchtime – Ava  Y5

Attendance Award – Classes 1, 7, 8   100%   Brilliant!

Winning House – Green

What a busy week!

Nursery children

What a busy week!    DSC03412

The children have enjoyed playing with our beautifully knitted ‘3 little pigs’ and the ‘Big Bad Wolf’.

The children have also acted the story using the small world resources.



We have all played outside in our new sand tray and outdoor kitchen.DSC03413

Some of our children also decided to make a their very own bonfire so they could cook marshmallows!



Next week we are reading ‘A Squash and a Squeeze’ and we are counting animals on the farm. (17/11/15)