Welcome to Lakeside Primary School

Welcome to the Lakeside Primary School website. Ours is a happy, caring school where individuals are valued, respected and encouraged to aim high and enjoy their learning.

Our children learn that “Attitude = Altitude” as they develop into confident and successful individuals.

Our website allows us to share snap shots of the memorable, exciting and enjoyable curriculum that helps children develop their interests and talents to become lifelong learners with the skills, abilities and confidence to lead fulfilling lives.

We hope you enjoy exploring this site to find out more about the pupils, staff and the school.

Mrs J. Witton

Vive la France!


Friday 3rd July will be French Day at Lakeside Primary. Children are invited to come to school in a French themed costume or wearing the colours of the French flag – red, blue and white. There will be class prizes for the most imaginative outfits. We will also be welcoming Nathalie and her French library bus which children will be visiting through the day for stories and activities. 

To get the day off to a tasty start we hope to provide children with a simple French breakfast and are asking for a 50p per child contribution from parents for this. Costs for the library bus and other activities are being met from school fund.

A fun day of history at Hall Cross

On Wedensday 24th June I was lucky enough to accompany some of Year 5 on a history trip to Hall Cross Lower.


On arrival the children were given the task to present their own museum (including ‘artefacts, pictures and writing) on The Romans, Ancient Greece and The Aztecs.

Year 5 set to work using iPads, books and information sheets to find out about their assigned historical period. The Hall Cross teachers were impressed by how well they worked in groups. At the end of the day each group laid out their ‘museum’ for others to view and evaluate.

Year 5 not only produced work of a high quality but also covered many areas including warfare, houses and clothes.

Well done year 5, you proved today what great ‘Lakeside Learners’ you are!

Mrs Austwick






Money, money, money…

This week has been ‘Money Week’ for Key Stage 2 where children have planned, designed, costed, evaluated, made and advertised a range of items to sell at this morning’s table top event. Classes will decide whether to donate their profits to charity or buy something for their class. Thank you to all parents who supported this event to help our pupils develop their enterprise skills.

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