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Welcome to the Lakeside Primary School website. Ours is a happy, caring school where individuals are valued, respected and encouraged to aim high and enjoy their learning.

Our children learn that “Attitude = Altitude” as they develop into confident and successful individuals.

Our website allows us to share snap shots of the memorable, exciting and enjoyable curriculum that helps children develop their interests and talents to become lifelong learners with the skills, abilities and confidence to lead fulfilling lives.

We hope you enjoy exploring this site to find out more about the pupils, staff and the school.

Mrs J. Witton

Year 4 visit Murton Park

Year 4 visited Murton Park on Thursday 22nd January. It was a very cold day but we had all wrapped up warmly! We dressed up as Roman soldiers, it was quite difficult to keep our helmets on and carry a spear and shield at the same time! We signed up to the army for 25 years and then made clay oil lamps as well as practising our weapons training. Later in the day a Celt attacked our fort but we saw him off! At the end of our visit we tried the Testeudo formation and then marched off home, left, right, or, as the Romans would have said:SIn, Dex, Sin, Dex!P1000032The main gate.

P1000036This machine is called a ballista. It fired a huge arrow.

P1000040Replica shields and swords – they would have been very heavy!

P1000043Standing guard outside our barracks.

P1000050Ready for weapons training practise.

P1000063Making clay oil lamps.

In Testeudo formation. P1000069

Seeing off the vicious Celt! P1000071

Hail Caesar! The end of the day.


Murton Park

Year 3 have survived the coldest day ever at Murton Park!

As you can see from the photos, it was a very busy day. As well as making clay lamps, learning how to write in Latin, and battle practise we even had to scare off a Celt!

Although it was FREEZING, everyone had a great time, learned lots and made it back from the fort safely. As usual, all the children were wonderfully well behaved and we were very proud of them.

Doncaster Families Information Service

The Doncaster Families Information Service is the central point of information, advice and support for families with children and young people 0 -19 years.
All Local Authorities have a duty to deliver a Local Offer and publish information in one place which can now be accessed through the Families Information Service. The purpose of a Local Offer is to enable parents and young people to see more clearly what services are available in their area and how to access them.

Below is a link to visit their website at www.doncasterchildrenandfamilies.info.

Freephone 0800 138 4568, Telephone 01302 862136/826132 Email fis@doncaster.gov.uk

It’s all normal

As part of Anit-Bullying month we have been raising disability awareness here at Lakeside Primary School.  We were lucky enough to have a day of workshops lead by John McCorkell who inspired the children and really made us all think about what we can achieve if believe in ourselves.  The aptly named workshop, It’s All Normal, made the children realise that though everyone is different, everyone is also normal.  Children got the chance to experience what it would be like to have a disability and how they could manage this to still be able to achieve.

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