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Welcome to the Lakeside Primary School website. Ours is a happy, caring school where individuals are valued, respected and encouraged to aim high and enjoy their learning.

Our children learn that “Attitude = Altitude” as they develop into confident and successful individuals.

Our website allows us to share snap shots of the memorable, exciting and enjoyable curriculum that helps children develop their interests and talents to become lifelong learners with the skills, abilities and confidence to lead fulfilling lives.

We hope you enjoy exploring this site to find out more about the pupils, staff and the school.

Mrs J. Witton

Thank you


A big thank you to everyone who supported ‘Jeans for Genes’ day last Friday. We raised a total of £241 to help children born with genetic disorders.

Stig & Barney’s Next Adventures

After planning a new chapter for Stig of the Dump by Clive King, Class 5 had a go at using the iPads to create an animation before writing it.

I’m not sure all of the children stuck to their original story plan and we struggled to pick out the parts of ‘story mountain’ in most of them but everyone tried really hard to put expression into their acting and had a lovely time. We hope they make you laugh as much as we did!







Jeans for Genes


On Friday 19th September, Lakeside will once again be supporting the ‘Jeans for Genes’ charity to raise money for children suffering from genetic disorders. Pupils and staff may wear their jeans for school for a donation of at least £1. We hope that you will help us to support this event. Thank you.

Big skip success in the sun!

Today the whole school had a fantastic time taking part in “The Big Skip” for the Heart Foundation.  As a school we completed the skipping track 3,946 times!!! AMAZING! 

Please keep the sponsor money coming and a BIG THANK YOU to all the children who have brought sponsor money in so far- I will announce the grand total raised once it has been added up.

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Many thanks, keep skipping;

Miss Pearson :)


Keyhole Garden

Yesterday, Class 6 were lucky enough to be able to help Mr Dunn plant our Keyhole Garden. It looks like it’s going to be fantastic and everyone enjoyed planting the vegetables and marigolds to try and keep the rabbits away! We are excited to see if the grapes will grow so we can eat them!


Year 1 Diversity Day

All Year 1 children were involved with exciting activities about India.  After locating India on a map and globe they were busy finding out about the Taj Mahal, the Indian flag, Indian art, customs and celebrations. But the highlights of the day were the food tasting and the Bollywood dancing.   Check out Class 1′s Bollywood moves in the video link on their page.



Diversity Day in Year 2

We had a fantastic diversity day in Year 2 looking at China.

First we located China on the map  and found and located their capital city, Beijing. We also looked at their flag and drew our own. Then we watched some internet clips on the Chinese New Year and found out that the children in our class were either born in the year of the dog (2006) or the pig (2007).

We then looked at this clip on Youtube about Chinese Willow Patterns http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lj5uTZG6G90 and then drew and coloured our own willow pattern designs on paper plates. We also had a go at writing our name in Chinese – their alphabet is much harder than our own!!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 7 photo 6 photo  8photo 3

As well as all this, we made time to sample some delicious Chinese food including rice, noodles and spring rolls. The teachers enjoyed this part very much too!!

At the end of the day we had a visit from a Kung Fu expert who taught us some very energetic moves! Overall we had a great day and came away knowing much more about China and the Chinese culture.

Diversity Day – A World of Dance!


Wednesday 21st May is ‘Diversity Day’ at Lakeside. The children will be taking part in a range of exciting activities designed to raise awareness about countries represented in our school and others around the World. We are pleased to be welcoming back ‘Junior Jam’ who will provide international dance and martial arts workshops for us. We hope that children will dress in the colours of the national flag of their class’s chosen country or even wear a traditional costume. As in previous years, we would love it if parents or family members with stories, activities and artefacts from other countries would join us to share their knowledge. Please see Mrs McCrae or your child’s class teacher if you feel you would like to take part in this day. The more the merrier…